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Go Baby Go Programme

Offers children with mobility impairment a way to explore their world in modified ride-on toy cars. Mobility creates independence and is important for socialisation, cognitive development and motor skill development.

Mobility Matters

Go Baby Go is an outreach program that aims to empower children under the age of 6 with physical disabilities by providing them with an adaptive motorised toy car for mobility, participation, fun, and socialisation. 

By engaging in exploration and play activities, infants, toddlers, and young children are able to interact with their environment and peers in a way that fosters learning and growth:

  • Self confidence

  • Problem solving skills (cause/effect)

  • How to move through space independently

  • Attention to task

  • Motor development

  • Play skills and social interactions with family and friends!

Many kids with disabilities are unable to be independently mobile, or require expensive, awkward, and potentially socially stigmatizing equipment in order to move and play with family and friends. Left stationary or heavily reliant on others for mobility and communication, these kids have reduced opportunities for social interaction and engagement. Thirty years of research has consistently demonstrated the cognitive, motor, language, and social benefits to children with motor disabilities when provided access to assistive technology during early childhood (6 months to three years old). However, there are many barriers for families in obtaining such devices; Go Baby Go hopes to fulfill this gap.  

PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Go Baby Go! NZ is moving to our new home at Kiwi Kids Charity, where we can continue to provide mobility cars for little ones in need ❤️ Our volunteers are working hard behind the scenes to make this transition happen by April 2024. For more information you can still visit Go Baby Go or click the button below.