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Kiwi Kids Events

Events that stand out among a sea of traditional charity fundraisers, offering unique and unforgettable experiences for all involved. 

Unique Experiences
For A Cause

We pride ourselves on offering unique experiences that not only bring people together for a good cause, but also ensure everyone has a fantastic time while doing so!

From one-of-a-kind road trip adventures to unconventional angling fishing competitions, our events are filled with humor, skullduggery, and truly unforgettable experiences that can only be found off the beaten track in New Zealand. Each event is carefully crafted to embody the spirit of giving back and helping Kiwi kids in need -  making them far more impactful than your run-of-the-mill fundraising activities. So why settle for the same old routine when you can join us for events that are as unique as they are impactful?

The Great Kiwi Road Trip

Get ready to buckle up and join us on the ride of a lifetime with our signature event, the Great Kiwi Road Trip! It's an event that stands out among a sea of traditional charity fundraisers, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for all involved. 

Twice a year, we hit New Zealand roads in bright and colourful costumes with themed-up cars, fire engines and ambulances. It's a fantastic opportunity for companies to engage their staff in giving back initiatives while having a blast. As we roll through towns, we're met with warm smiles and waves from strangers who remember the event visiting their school as The Variety Bash when they were kids. This sense of nostalgia is something that drives us to continue spreading joy and making a positive impact on communities throughout New Zealand. Visiting the communities and children that directly benefit from our efforts adds an extra layer of meaning to our event, turning it into an unforgettable experience for all involved.

The Cocksy Classic

Supporting Event

Ah, The Cocksy Classic, Charity Fishing Competition - a one-of-a-kind event that promises to shake up the traditional world of fishing competitions

This event is not your typical fishing comp where the biggest catch takes home the prize. Instead, participants can expect a day filled with laughter, friendly banter, and maybe even a little bit of sneaky tactics. Protests are welcomed with open arms, judges might just be swayed by a well-placed bribe (although we don't condone such behavior), and the rules are as unconventional as they come. From mystery length to random whims of fancy, you never know what criteria will be used to determine the winner. And speaking of winners, it's all about teamwork in this competition - individual glory takes a backseat to camaraderie and collaboration among team members.

What sets this event apart is its dedication to supporting The Kiwi Kids Charity - because helping kids in our own community should always come first!