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What We Do

We can help those that are often overlooked, isolated or forgotten - and sometimes it's not what you know, it’s who you know that can lead to the most creative solutions.

What Do You Need?

We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk! 💪 We provide support to kids, schools, and families that may not be eligible for funding or support from other charities or organisations. We also drive from the top of Aotearoa, all the bits in between, to the bottom and back again. To meet communities, connect and have fun together.

Some kids don’t fit the “criteria”, others don’t have the right “label”, and some have families or caregivers who are too proud to ask for help. Kids, schools, families, and communities are missing out on things that would make a huge difference to their everyday lives.

Doin Miles For Smiles

At our events throughout the year, we prioritise making meaningful connections and spending quality time with those we assist.

It's not just about providing financial grants or equipment - although those are important too - but about truly engaging with individuals, schools, and communities in a way that leaves a lasting impact. Seeing the pure delight on kids' faces as they meet our volunteers and their wacky vehicles is truly uplifting. We know that for some children, these interactions may be the highlight of their year and can make all the difference in their lives. Being able to offer support and show care through personal connection is what sets our Great Kiwi Roadie Events apart.

So when you attend one of our events in March or October each year, remember that your presence alone can make a world of difference to those who need it most.

Special Projects

We love a challenge and are known to say ‘YES’ to some pretty ambitious projects, that have pushed us to go above and beyond.

One of our most memorable special projects involved transforming a small family home into the ultimate care facility for a very special little girl who required round-the-clock attention and specialized equipment. In just four days, we not only renovated her bedroom but completely revamped the entire house to meet her needs. 

But it's not just about big, publicized projects for us; some of what we do has to remain under the radar. There are kids who have been relocated for their safety, families too proud to ask for help, every project is treated with equal importance and care. Our dedication to making a difference in people’s lives goes beyond what meets the eye and brings about truly remarkable outcomes.

Go Baby Go Programme

Whether it’s an adapted trike, bike or wheelchair, we want to get Kiwi kids moving for their development and enjoyment.

Go Baby Go offers kids with mobility difficulties a way to explore their world in an adapted motorised toy car. Mobility is hugely important for a child's peer interaction and cognitive and motor skill development. Through exploration and play, infants, toddlers, and young children interact with their environment and fellow peers and, in doing so, take in a vast amount of information about the world around them.

Currently, we are able to assist kids up to the age of 5 (depending on their size) with our car range. While we may be restricted by the availability of larger car options at the moment, we understand the importance of mobility, so if you have specific questions about our current offerings, please don't hesitate to reach out - let's talk!

Our Commitment

Help kiwi kids in disadvantaged and challenging situations.

Soley driven by what is best for the kids in all our decision making. 

Inspire kiwi kids and communities to reach their full potential.

Work together with other groups that share aligned principles.

Have respect, empathy and manaakitanga with all communities.