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Helping Kiwi Kids

For over 30 Years!

Who We Are.

The Kiwi Kids Charity exists to bring hope, help, and happiness to Kiwi Kids.
We help kids, schools, and famili
es whose unique needs often aren’t eligible for funding or support through other charities or organisations.

We know that not all kids get the same start in life, whether they’re born into financial hardship, start life with or develop health, physical or mental challenges or just grow up in an environment where their opportunities to excel are not as great as others - we believe in helping kids in our own back yard first.

The Kiwi Kids Charity is not your everyday charity, it’s like a huge, extended family made up mostly of volunteers who pledge their time, talents, tools, and toys to make a tangible difference at a grassroots level. Real talk, real people, real results. No matter whether it’s custom mobility support, access to learning tools, working bees, specialist medical equipment, speech lessons, sports equipment, or just basic supplies, when it comes to bringing hope, help and happiness to kiwi kids – we get super creative and use our networks to stretch the dollars.


Join our Great
Kiwi Road Trip

Doin' Miles for Smiles! The ultimate non-competitive car rally that's been on the road for over 30 years.

Wallys Driving_edited copy.jpg

The Crew 

A great introduction for new teams to join our long-time members on the road.


We Support

Over our 30 years we've helped Kiwi Kids and organisations across NZ. Here's a little insight into who we've helped.

Contact Us

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