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Who We Are

We encourage our supporters and partners to get involved because it’s the right thing to do, not because they want to be ‘seen’ to be doing the right thing.

We're Not Your Every Day Charity

Real talk, real people, real results. We're like an extended family made up mostly of volunteers, pledging time, talents, tools, and toys to make a tangible difference at a grassroots level.

Our roots stem from an event previously known as The Variety Bash, which raised and distributed over 14 million dollars in the 25 years that it ran in New Zealand.

In 2020, we became our own fully registered independent charity re-named the Kiwi Kids Charity. The group proudly sticks to its original core purpose of helping Kiwi Kids in need, no matter what their situation.

We are a passionate and driven group who see the need for a charity at a grass roots level that gives people the opportunity to get hands on to help individuals and smaller New Zealand communities.

The Supporters

Simon Dallow - TVNZ, Presenter One News

“I wholeheartedly support and endorse this charity, its efforts, and objectives. Why? Because for almost 30 years I’ve witnessed it (and its predecessors) in action, up close. Its initiatives have consistently produced positive results and tangible benefits for the children and communities it serves. These can take various forms - monetary grants with targeted outcomes and direct benefit to those most in need of support; working bees to clean up and rejuvenate neglected and overrun community facilities; and group visits by passionate people in colourful vehicles, bringing fun and joy to often-neglected and under-resourced schools and community groups. It is an exemplary model of a community giving back to make a positive influence on those who can use some help."

Mark Wright - New Zealand Actor

“I support the Kiwi Kids Charity (and its history) and have done for over 30 years. The money raised here in New Zealand, by Kiwi’s, goes to help Kiwi kids first! I’m a big believer in the old proverb ‘You get your own house in order before you try and sort out someone else’s’. We bring the laughter, the fun, the smiles, and the tangible support to small town New Zealand, the rural communities, the heartland. Often these places fall off the radar of large corporate sponsors. We're such a diverse group of Kiwis from all walks of life, young and old, professionals and trades people, from mechanics to merchandisers, police, military, and rescue services, corporate, rural, and creative industries. Every one of us bringing a different gift, skill, talent, strength, knowledge, experience, or idea. That’s what Kiwi’s do!"

The Volunteers

Our volunteers are quite simply the beating heart of who we are. They come from all different walks of life, bringing a diverse range of skills and experiences to the table,  but share a common dedication to making a difference.

Whether it's dressing up and decorating their vehicles for the Great Roadie Event or rolling up their sleeves for community projects, they give their time, energy, and passion to help us achieve our mission of supporting children in need. The connections formed within this charity community are truly special and often last a lifetime.

If you're someone who is eager to get involved with a group of like-minded individuals who have a can-do attitude and want to make a positive impact, we invite you to join us at the Kiwi Kids Charity.

The Board

Dana Cocks

Chair / Fundraising & Events Director

  • Business Owner, DC Consulting Ltd

  • 14 Year Bash/Roadie Volunteer

Gavin Oliver

Vice Chair

  • Managing Director of EcoZip Adventures

Melissa Rushton

Board Member / Event Sponsor

  • Sales Manager, South Auckland Motors

  • 25 Year Bash/Roadie Volunteer

Amy Saleman

Secretary / Board Member

  • Business Advisor, Finance Industry

  • 5 Year Bash/Roadie Volunteer

Liane Clarke

Board Member

  • Business Owner / Celebrity

  • 22 Year Bash/Roadie Volunteer

Glen Norton

Board Member

Store Manager, Freedom Furniture

Glenys Moore

Treasurer / Board Member

All round volunteer

Our Purpose

We're proud to stand apart from other charitable organizations in New Zealand. Our purpose is intentionally flexible and wide-reaching, allowing us to adapt and catch the kids who are still falling through the gaps.

We celebrate this difference and our starting point is always "What do YOU need, how can we help?"🤝