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The Great Kiwi Road Trip



Events with a difference, to make a difference!

Doin' Miles for Smiles!

Our signature event, the Great Kiwi Road Trip, is unique and offers everything but the ordinary. With our quirky vehicles and costumes, we spread colour, create laughter, and do miles for smiles. We visit schools and communities to spend time and interact with the kids which can be the most positive and meaningful thing that happens to them all year. Those interactions can make an impact that lasts a lifetime, especially for the ones who don’t have a positive role model at home. That moment can be smiles and laughter or a tear and a hug, throwing a ball, dancing, singing, or shooting hoops. We never underestimate the gift of time and connection; it’s priceless, yet it’s a very big part of what we do on our events. The interactions are hugely positive and uplifting and the teachers often tell us they are blown away at the kids’ reactions and how open and relaxed they are with our people. Likewise, the reception from the communities we visit to do working bee projects or pass through is of utter delight and infectious enthusiasm which cannot be replicated any other way.


Rolling along with this fleet of quirky vehicles is truly a unique experience and although open to anyone, can be a great way for companies to involve their staff in giving back initiatives and have an enormous amount of fun while doing it. Being greeted with warm smiles and waves from strangers, even as we just pass through towns, is an incredible feeling.  People we meet often say they remember the when the event visited their school when they were a kid, which is a legacy that we are very proud of.

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Upcoming Events

Charity Launch & Mini Roadie

13 - 15 October 2023

Paeroa & Coromandel Region

The Great Kiwi Roadie

9 - 15 March 2024

Bay of Plenty to Wairarapa

The Mini Roadie

18 - 20 October 2024

Central Plateau


These events would not be possible without mechanical support from: 

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