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A Helping Hand

How we've helped

Here's just a few examples of bringing help and happiness!

BMX Bikes

Grant total:


worth of BMX Bikes (33) were given away to school kids


Grant total:


to 15yr old Jake from Rotorua for a special 3 wheeler trike. This trike gives Jake independence and the ability to do activities he see’s other kids enjoying.


Grant total:


towards a life changing operation in the USA for Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy surgery

Kids Brekkie

Grant total:


for supplying kids breakfasts along the Roadie route.


Grant total:


to Blue Light Branches across the Trillian trek route: Thames, Paeroa, Waihi, Edgecumbe, Whakatane, Turangi, Gisborne and Taumarunui

School Grants

Grant total:


Blomfield School $4270

Edgecumbe School $500

Taneatua School $1000

Te Araroa School $600

Tikitiki School $800

Ruatoria School $1000

Thames High School $2500

Manutuke School $500

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